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1997 Toyota Supra Review, Matt Tremblay, From Tampa Flor

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Supra Twin Turbo 6 Speed

 Model of the car:Supra Twin Turbo 6 Speed
 General comments:The car is amazing,I did the research for about a year before I bought one,and words cannot say enough,you have got to test drive one even if you cant afford one try and find one for sale act like your interested in buying it.I bet by the time you are done test driving it you will pull a second mortgage on the house to try and buy it.Even american car enthusiasts can appreciate the supra even though they try and hide it.I take my car out to local hang outs,clubs,It gets respect where ever it goes.I love beating cars that cost twice as much as mine.There is so much technology available for the supras,you can make these cars crank out 500-600 horse with bolt on products without having to rip your engine apart.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The only weakness I have encountered was the price,a little steep but once you drive this thing it all goes away and the attention you get in it is unsurpassed,take the top off on a summer day or a nice night and you feel like a god.Girls love it guys envy it.
 Previous car:300zx tt,RX-7 tt,3000gt tt,corvette,supra kicks thier ass,a few low dollar mods the car can hang with porshe 911,viper,ferrari,

Review 1997 Toyota Supra Matt Tremblay, From Tampa Flor
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