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1997 Toyota Supra Review, James, From Philadelphia, PA

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Toyota Supra TT

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra TT
 General comments:The perfect sports car in every way. Bullet proof, super fast, unlimited top end, and great handling are some of the reasons to own this car. It can be EASILY (I mean easily) modded to 500 hp. You cannot hurt the engine. Toyota builds the most reliable engines. I have 40k hard, hard miles on the car and have only to change the oil. Even if it blew up today it would still be the BEST car I have ever owned. Forget all the reviews about "lack of soul" Yeah, yeah yeah. I've driven the "soulful" 911 up the California coast (a 2000 model) and actually liked the supra better. The ergonomics are PERFECT. The ONLY negative is that Toyota dropped this car. This has really upset alot of Toyota loyalists. Can you say NSX?
 What things have gone wrong with the car:nothing
 Previous car:corvette

Review 1997 Toyota Supra James, From Philadelphia, PA
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