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1997 Toyota Supra Review, Joe Dolan, From Nashua NH

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Supra Twin Turbo

 Model of the car:Supra Twin Turbo
 General comments:This is the longest I've owned a car (2.5 yrs). Next longest was my Viper (1.5 yrs). Keeping the stock turbos I put almost 20K into upgrades including suspension, wheels, exhaust, boost enhancements, etc. It dyno'd out at about 550 hp at the crank with similar torque figures. The car has been totally reliable going on two years now. The work was done by Primespeed in Marblehead, Mass. The only problem I had was with the stock clutch. It simply can't handle this kind of power without slippage so it was replaced with a heavier duty clutch. I've taken the badging off of the car so even with that monster rear wing most people think its either an eclipse or celica. SURPRISE!!!!! If you're into performance with a reasonble amount of comfort and have the $$$$ this represents a great value in terms of world class results.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Stock clutch isn't going to be adequate if you modify the power.
 Previous car:1999 Corvette. 1998 Viper. In modified form it's quicker than a Viper and handles better.

Review 1997 Toyota Supra Joe Dolan, From Nashua NH
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