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1995 Toyota Supra Review, Charles N., From Gaithersburg,

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Toyota Supra

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra
 General comments:Very disappointed in my purchase. I have been racing cars for a living for 10 years,and this car is highly overrated. Was beat by a stock Trans Am WS6,after I put 2 thousand dollars in upgrades to my car. I see alot of posts on this site about how their 88 supra beat a 5.0,or a Trans am. I dont' see that happening. Unless the supra has major mods on it. The bottom line is a stock supra cant beat a stock mustang,period. Hel*,I could put $20,000 in mods on a beatle and a corvette. But that is the point,just because you put mods on a car and beat another car,does not mean you cars badge is better than the other. Put two stock cars at the line,and the supra will come up short everytime. If you want a true sports car for performance,not looks,don't look twice at a supra. they are they most overrated,overpriced cars on the market.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Weak pickup,poor overall performance. Bad blind spots,REALLY EXPENSIVE TO REPAIR,AND UPGRADE!!!!
 Previous car:Camaro Z28,Mustang GT,Pontiac Trans AM.

Review 1995 Toyota Supra Charles N., From Gaithersburg,
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