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1995 Toyota Supra Review, Chris -, From Melbourne, Austr

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Toyota Supra TT

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra TT
 General comments:Fantastic car that has reliability and performace. Easy to drive on the street and yet challenging when pushed. Braking is better than the Aus performance cars and servicing is comparable other Toyotas. Addition of a blowoff valve makes every bystanders jaw extend 10cm when you change gears. Exiting corners on boost always brings an evil grin to the driver, passenger and onlookers. Mine came with a kenwood minidisk which is great because the standard unit looks ugly. Keep the traction control off unless you are a Holden driver.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No space for friends in the back.....but they would completely remove all visibility through the rear anyway. Police hastle me about the car.
 Previous car:300zx - what a joke, I actually liked these till I drove one.Nissan GT-R - acceleration is comparable but looks cheap and doesn't "do it" for the ladiesMazda RX7 - didn't know weather to hammer it cause it might blow a rotor or run out of fuelImpreza WRX

Review 1995 Toyota Supra Chris -, From Melbourne, Austr
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