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1995 Toyota Supra Review, Mike, From Corpus Christi, TX

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TT 6 Speed

 Model of the car:TT 6 Speed
 General comments:This is hands-down the finest overall sports car I have had the fortune to own. There are many cars out there with slightly more power and acceleration but only a rare car can translate this into better control for the driver than the supra. There is a rather tight curve that I could make at 65 mph in the supra that I can take no faster than 55 in my Z51 corvette. Also if you get in to that curve too hot in the vette and let off the throttle the rear end gets loose. The supra is very forgiving and neutral. The rear end stays put wheather you increase or decrease the power in a turn. The supra is also much more interesting to do acceleration runs in. Once the tach hits 4300 or so, the second larger turbo kicks in and the tach needle frankly buries its self in the redline. You have to be very quick on the up-shift to avoid hitting the rev limiter. I paid the full tariff of ~51K in 1995 for this car. Since then the price has dropped once about 10-12K then the importation of this model was discontinued. I never regreted the price but now there are probably some low mileage 1997 6-speed TTs available for much less. Buy them!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:1. A little too much plastic in the cabin for a car of this price.2. Stereo was just average.3. Do not even waste your time removing the top.4. Useless back seat.
 Previous car:1995 BMW M3 - nearly as good handling but nowhere near the power.1998 Corvette 6-speed - has more broadband power but is poorly balenced and thus handling is unpredicable at the limit and can be dangerous.

Review 1995 Toyota Supra Mike, From Corpus Christi, TX
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