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1995 Toyota Supra Review, Joe Kiss, From Austin, Texas

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Supra SE

 Model of the car:Supra SE
 General comments:When I first got my Supra, I was a bit disappointed with sluggish pickup in the low gears. Maybe I was expecting TOO much, but nonetheless I'm very happy with the car. I'm most impressed with the handling and stability at high speeds. I intend to keep her stock (at least the engine) so that she lasts forever.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Poor rear view visibility (blind spots), everyone wants to race you, cargo space is a bare minimal, I've become a total snob towards Camaro and Mustang owners. Ha!!! And don't forget all those vatos who put one of our spoilers on the back of their Oldsmobile. Get a grip, losers, and stop wishing you were driving a Supra!!!

Review 1995 Toyota Supra Joe Kiss, From Austin, Texas
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