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1992 Toyota Supra Review, Lank, From Dallas Tx 75229

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Toyota Supra

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra
 General comments:The Toyota Supra is a great reliable car that gets alot of attention, wanted or not. I recomend this car to any one that wants to go fast and get noticed. It also makes red necks really mad when they see that an import has just beat their Mustang.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Be careful in wet wheather, I nearly totaled it when I poped a curb and tore up my under carage it cost nearly $3,000 for repairs. Also parts are very rare and expensive so don't wreck it.
 Previous car:Raced with Mustang GT,Firebird-TA,Intergra Type-R,Civic,Comero ssandZ-28,3000GTVR4, 300ZX,Prelude,and v6 Accord----My Supra burned all of the above except the VR-4 which wopped me real bad!!!!!

Review 1992 Toyota Supra Lank, From Dallas Tx 75229
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