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1991 Toyota Supra Review, Tim Lawson, From Melbourne Vic

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Twin Turbo (1JZ - JZA70)

 Model of the car:Twin Turbo (1JZ - JZA70)
 General comments:280 Hp for factory stock, More power available if you bypass the factory boost limit. Good for 15psi est 350 Hp. Not bad for 2.5L. Got more style and luxury feel than the MKIV - More of a GT than a sports car.Hard to get. Recommend purchasing a MA70 (7M-GTE) with a broken engine and transplant the drvechain out of a japanese wreck.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Rear End hard to keep straight - Needs wider tyres and traction control.Heavy - Slow of the mark. The twin turbos help but there is still considerable turbo lag. Recommend transplant 2JZ-GTE. Factory standard has boost (10psi) and speed (110 mph) limited. Fuel economy is bad when the turbos are running.
 Previous car:MA70, MA60 Supras. - Has the power that they lack.351 Cube V8 Holden (General Motors) - Behind at the start but caught up when the second turbo kicked in. - Left it for dead.

Review 1991 Toyota Supra Tim Lawson, From Melbourne Vic
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