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1991 Toyota Supra Review, M Patel, From Indianpolis,IN

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Toyota Supra

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra
 General comments:Well I love it. for the money the performance is un believable. Its held up well, and you have to maintain the hell out of it or it all goes to sh*t. all cars like this. this is not a ford probe. it will eat them all on the twisties, mr mustang Ram Air 5.1 Boxter Type R Pontiac Super Charged whatever with racing stickers, ferrari wings and nitrous-- they cannot be compared with supras, because they don't have supra technology. The Supra is an amazing car. and its not very expensive. for the performance. second to none. upgrade everything, and you will have something special. if you want to smoke any car up to about 50K, buy a supra turbo. and then modify everything. even though stock it still kicks @SS. these cars can be modified to produce 600HP at the wheels reliably without nitrous. and the handling is great stock, much better modified. over all a good car to have. not too bad on the gas
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Heavy Beast. Nothing a little modification won't cure. RWD sucks in the winter. The Head Gasket is known for terror. Nothing a little HKS won't fix. you really have to maintain a car like this.
 Previous car:Heavy RX7, 3000GT, 300ZX ---typical japanese sports cars.

Review 1991 Toyota Supra M Patel, From Indianpolis,IN
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