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1991 Toyota Supra Review, November_rain, From Pontotoc,

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Toyota Supra N/A

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra N/A
 General comments:I've read a lot of reviews, and I haven't driven this Supra very long, but I see a pattern among Supra owners. For an individual with a desire to drive a quick, exciting sports car, without paying a bundle, the Supra is great. Unless you want to invest a little extra, stick with the n
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Sucks gas pretty badly (My GT actually gets better mileage, usually, with a 5.0 in it)
Useless back seat
Rarity makes it more difficult to find parts cheap locally without the 'right connections'
 Previous car:1992 200SX -- supra is much quicker and more fun to drive, although the 200 probably had more bang per cylinder considering it was a four cylinder, but it's just not a SUPRA 1995 Mustang GT convertib

Review 1991 Toyota Supra November_rain, From Pontotoc,
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