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1989 Toyota Supra Review, Matt, From Columbus, OH

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 Model of the car:Turbo
 General comments:I love Supras. I have 2 even. When I was trying to decide what sports car to buy, I drove a lot, and looked at more. The turbo Supra was the only choice. It's the perfect base platform for modifications. The removable hardtop is a must. Overall the car is just plain fun to drive. it makes you want to drive. They are hard to find, but if you have the time to look for the perfect car like I did, find one.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Most folks say it is too heavy. I've seen Supras wrecked. trust me, the weight is well-used. They hold up very well. The only problem is the famous blown head gasket. It is very easy to prevent this from happening though. If you do blow a head gasket, and you fix it right, it'll never happen again.
 Previous car:Camaro-z28: the Supra is a way better car. less torque, better everything else. the Supra has way more upgrade potential.300zx: raced 'em, beat 'em, nuff said.corvette: 89 vette is faster in a straight line.Viper: The mark-3 Supra has the potential to run

Review 1989 Toyota Supra Matt, From Columbus, OH
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