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1989 Toyota Supra Review, Wayne D, From Alberta, Canada

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 Model of the car:Turbo
 General comments:This car is a true sports car in every respect. Interior is still nicer than newer cars of 2000, like the Camaro (yuck)! It's engine's are built with the best technology for superb performance and reliabilty. American cars are nice if you want to go fast in a straight line? But why? If you want a muscle car then go buy one if you want a real sports gt car the th toyota Supra is for you. Heads turn when you drive by even 12 years later my car still has style and 320hp to boot. Nuff said Respect!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Heavy but probably saved my life in a serious accident I had. You don't Feel the weight due to the torque. Head gaskets have been a problem but if you torque the head down to 72lbs ft you'll be alright, best thing is to get a metal head gasket from HKS.
 Previous car:This car can easily be modified to eat camaro Z28's, 300 zx turbos, stealth twin turbos, I've beat all these cars and more. Very fun to drive it handles on par with BMW M5 @.88g's of lateral acceleration.0-60 in 6.2 stock and quarter mile in 14.7 @ 94mph

Review 1989 Toyota Supra Wayne D, From Alberta, Canada
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