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1989 Toyota Supra Review, GKK, From Sacramento, Ca, USA

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Toyota Supra Turbo

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra Turbo
 General comments:I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone unless you have money to burn fixing up the head gasket or turbo when it eventially goes. It is a great car to have when everything is working right.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Blown head gasket is very expensive to fix properly. My block had a little pitting where the gasket broke so, the block had to be taken out of the car and resurfaced. The head couldn't be resurfaced along with the block because the compression ratio would've been to high so, I had to buy a new head at a cost of $1400. Total cost of the Blown head gasket was over $5000. Keep in mind the car was driveable when I brought it into the shop. The car never overheated or seized up on me. I thought it would be a simple $1500 head gasket fix. I'm not sure how long this head gasket will last so I'm selling the car and buying something else without a turbo on it. Great car before this happened.
 Previous car:Any high performance sport car. Z28's, 300ZX's, Corvette's, etc...

Review 1989 Toyota Supra GKK, From Sacramento, Ca, USA
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