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1989 Toyota Supra Review, Andrew, From Wilmington, NC

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Supra Non-turbo

 Model of the car:Supra Non-turbo
 General comments:Quite comfortable, but little space. Very comfortable seats, I could drive for 500 miles without getting tired. Nice body, looks great especially from the front. To bad Toyota quit making Supras. Not sure about 1992+ models. I've never seen one. Air cond. was out so can't tell about that part. Fixing a
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Head gasket, possibly clutch cylindre, eats oil!! at the age of 10+ stuff gets out of order like speedometre etc. small stuff, shocks got bad as well. Needed several thousand bucks improvement. Wasn't worth it. Had to go.
 Previous car:No match. Unique car. Maybe Ferrari?

Review 1989 Toyota Supra Andrew, From Wilmington, NC
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