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1988 Toyota Supra Review, Aidan Rantoul, From Pitt Meado

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Supra Turbo (MKIII)

 Model of the car:Supra Turbo (MKIII)
 General comments:I paid $8900 Canadian for my 88 Turbo, I'd reccomend getting a mechanic to check out your purchase, as these cars can be bagged on. Definately a fun car to drive and own, but in the rain they can be pretty nasty to control. Gas mileage is very poor, but considering weight and it's an inline 6 turbo.. what can you expect? Definately a fun fun car, esepecially with targa.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:High expense repairs, back end kicks out very easily, pricy parts, not a cheap car to maintain. Must be meticulously maintained. If you have the time to do this, the supra is a wonderful car to drive and have. Stiff transmission in mine, shifter is awfully high. Head Gaskets on the 7M-GE, 7M-GTE engines tend to go- watch out. Gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired.
 Previous car:Looks are superior to other sports cars in its class for the years.

Review 1988 Toyota Supra Aidan Rantoul, From Pitt Meado
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