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1988 Toyota Supra Review, Pat G, From SLP, MN, USA

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Supra N/A

 Model of the car:Supra N/A
 General comments:I'm very pleased with the car and will be looking to add a 5 speed turbo to the collection. But if your a first time Supra buyer, save yourself the trouble and buy one with full service history and if it has high miles, then also find one with a new headgasket. Take care of it and you will have a wonderful sports car that will out shine just about any other car on the road, not just in performance but in looks, confort, reliability, and fun.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:As you've likley read, supra's eat head gaskets. I put 1500 into fixing mine and pray it doesnt go out again. They are expensive to maintain, parts and repairs will break the bank so dont buy one unless you've got some cash at hand. You also have to watch it in the wet, the rear end steps out with little warning, but is easy to correct.
 Previous car:Looked at RX-7's, there little 1.3L rotary definatly doesnt compare to Supra power!

Review 1988 Toyota Supra Pat G, From SLP, MN, USA
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