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1988 Toyota Supra Review, Pdksh, From St. Thomas, ON, Ca

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 Model of the car:7M-GE
 General comments:Have had the car for a short time. Feel in love with it on the
first drive, and learned that this car is expensive to fix. The
enjoyment factor of this car is offset by the repair bill. I will
have this car forever and I will be paying for it!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Crank pully came loose? $500.00 dollars for the parts alone.
Lots of leaks, oil, trany, rear diff, power stearing...
$$$ and $$$ and $$$.
Care is not as fast as some might like you to belive
 Previous car:1989 Vet convertable. The Vet is a nicer car but the sticker price makes it an expensive option.

Review 1988 Toyota Supra Pdksh, From St. Thomas, ON, Ca
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