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1987 Toyota Supra Review, Adam

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Toyota Supra

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra
 General comments:I purchased my first supra when I turned 17 for $1900. It was a slightly beat up 87 N
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Likes to Overheat.
Descent gas mileage at best. I get around 18mpg.
Headgaskets all blow out around 150k. Turbos will blow out sooner.
Lots of Brake dust. I spend every weekend cleaning my (Stock!) Rims to keeps them shiney and new looking.
Heavy. Not all bad, it makes the car very safe and solid feeling. But god Awful weight for a sports car, at nearly 3900 lbs, it takes a lot to get that beast moving, and a lot more to stop it.
Relatively slow response to input. Accelerator, Brake, Steering. it all comes slowly to the supra, even if it is all powerful when it comes, it takes a while to get there.
Expensive. Parts are rare, and people who know what they're doing with them even rarer. I had a mechanic tell me the supra was a POS because he couldnt find parts for it, and then tell me it was a FWD four banger. I nearly killed him. I opted to shove him under the hood and make him count the cylinders instead.
Lots of eletrical parts. Most of which want to break. My supra has nearly all new wiring thanks to some of my handy work.
Hard to see over the nose on an incline. Im a tall guy. My friends are all big guys. We average around 6'3". The front seats of the supra are excellent. Lots of room, lots of comfort. The back seat, however, is useless. Seriously, fold the rear seats down and use it for subwoofer mounting. You'll be a better person for not making anyone sit back there. Ever.
Speaking fo being tall; headaches aplenty from bumpy roads. I hit my head on the edge of the sunroof constantly. I wish I had a targa...
 Previous car:My mom's got a '02 Subaru wagon I love. I've driven half a dozen supra's from all years, and am in a supra club. I've gotten behind the wheel of a few mustangs, camaros, a firebird, and a Corvette. I must say I'll stick with my supra. Aside from that, I'v

Review 1987 Toyota Supra Adam
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