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1987 Toyota Supra Review, Jurras1c5

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Toyota Supra

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra
 General comments:Many times I've contemplated to get rid of this car, but I just can't. Because if i do get rid of it I'm getting rid of a car with tons of potential. This car is a dream to drive, the handling is incredible, and the speed compliments it as well. CAUTION! This car will blind you from your true speed. You may think you're driving 75mph on the freeway, but look again, you're going 105mph! This happened to me while driving to the mall. The car disguises itself on the freeway as a moderately fast car, but in reality is faster than what you really thought. It was at this time that the stock hoses blew off on me. Another thing I enjoy about the car is that my supra came with an option called LSD (limited slip differential)it wasn't until a friend pointed it out that I truly realized what i had.When i found this out I tested it out in a wet, slick, parking lot, and man it doesn't dissapoint!.....Basically this car is a work in progress. Theres a lot to be done before I can make it "Just the way I want it" You know the works, new paint job,new engine and transmission,new rims and low profile tires, intake, exhaust system, tints, and maybe a sound system. Currently the car is in fair condition. It is a 5 speed manual with 158,000 miles on the original engine.(It's also non-turbo) There are some minor problems with the car, a small oil leak, and the stock hoses seem to break at a high rpm. Other than these minor problems everything else in the car is good if not great.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Head Gasket
Rear passenger leg room is horrible (what would you expect form a sports car)
Very Heavy
 Previous car:1982 Toyota Corolla SR-5. This is the first car I started driving when I got my license. I must say I did have fun driving it, but lets face it..IT WAS A BUCKET! Don't get me wrong it WAS a great car, but that was back in the days of old. It wasn't until

Review 1987 Toyota Supra Jurras1c5
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