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1987 Toyota Supra Review, John Spencer, From Lewisburg,

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Supra Turbo

 Model of the car:Supra Turbo
 General comments:I never thought that I would like this car. I'm 18, and have had a 79 Camaro, a 79 Trans Am WS6, and a 77 Bandit Edition Trans Am. So I thought the whole import car thing sucked. But this car blows every other car I have ever drove away. Including some big Corvettes, and my 2 6.6 litre Trans Ams. Not even the Bandit Edition could come close, and its 350 hp with a four speed rockcrusher. The Supra tore it up! and didn't use as much gas either! It also gets some real good looks. My favorite are from the people driving the new Camaro's or Mustangs. They have no Idea what they're up against and they are usually the first who want to race!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:WEIGHT! Very heavy for the size
 Previous car:none, except for old american muscle cars, and it blows them all away

Review 1987 Toyota Supra John Spencer, From Lewisburg,
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