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1987 Toyota Supra Review, Danny Badr, From Ottawa, ON, C

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Supra N/A A4

 Model of the car:Supra N/A A4
 General comments:When it came time to sell the Sunbird I wanted something that was a 'sports car' but winter drivable. I tried this and that and decided on the Supra. Once purchased the excitement faded quickly. Though faster than my beaten up Sunbird, the Supra could not keep up with a simple 89 Pontiac 6000! Then you figure the repairs that came one after another and it's poor traction in rain followed by an equally inadequate interior layout. The noise inside the cabin was unreal, the car had problems starting intermittently. I dropped it onto another believer and never looked back. I preferred all of the cars in the above list to the Supra but decided on the Z28 with a 6 speed. Great winter car by the way, only spun in snow once on the first day of winter, not once since.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Ride comfort, acceleration, handling, reliability
 Previous car:90 Pontiac Sunbird, 95 Camaro Z28, 92 Honda Prelude, 86 Ford Mustang, BMW 325i

Review 1987 Toyota Supra Danny Badr, From Ottawa, ON, C
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