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1986 Toyota Supra Review, Swave Kell, From Mel, Victoria

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Toyota Supra

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra
 General comments:Great 8 speed (two of each gear) Auto with surging (like a stall converter).
Smooth as any new car but engine head goes easily and machine gun rattles if short type piston engine not serviced properly. 210 KW, non turbo 300zx turbo or anything this side of a GTR. Timeless curves especially wide body with flared gards. Needs to be low to match new supras looks or stance or sideskirts. Needs new intake filter, airflow meter of V8 lexus and a full exhaust (supa load but) and let her rev over seven and feel the grip push your full comfy tourer with 100kg friends take Wrx into second gear, even in the wet.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Needs 2jz transplant for ultimate go. Needs lowering, rims or sideskirts
 Previous car:Corvett, camaro, 300zx, luxury Astons, Jags, Maserati

Review 1986 Toyota Supra Swave Kell, From Mel, Victoria
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