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1986 Toyota Supra Review, Danny L, From Evansville, IN,

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Supra Sport Liftback

 Model of the car:Supra Sport Liftback
 General comments:My car has 150 grand on the odo. That's a LOT of miles. It still dosent burn oil, and still has good power. The handling on the car can give you a concussion if you're like me and slapped on 245
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Head gasket is said to be the devilchild of crap quality. Replace it with an HKS metal unit and forget it. Shifter throw is like dragging a log out of a river. This can be fixed with a modification, not a $200 short shift kit.
 Previous car:'00 Mustang. Yeah. I beat him by a half-length or so. Proves you shouldnt buy Ford. :) '97 Camaro Z28. Didnt catch me til about 70mph. Where's all that V8 low-end torque???

Review 1986 Toyota Supra Danny L, From Evansville, IN,
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