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1985 Toyota Supra Review, Brandon Alger

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Celica Supra P-type

 Model of the car:Celica Supra P-type
 General comments:Great car. It is 18 years old and still has many luxury options just being used on new cars.
The engine is strong and very reliable, mine has 210,000 miles on it and runs nearly perfect besides burning some oil. The twincam 2.8L L6 has definite power for it's age with 160hp in the 84
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Lack of aftermarket parts- can be modified but takes a little more effort
rear seat room- not good for road trips unless you got short friends
 Previous car:this is the only car I've owned but I've driven many other cars. similar generation 300zx and rx7 don't compare very well, not as reliable or fun to drive. more economical, reliable and luxurious than mid-late 80's 5.0 mustnags, cameros and firechickens w

Review 1985 Toyota Supra Brandon Alger
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