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1984 Toyota Supra Review, Dave Meuse, From Simi Valley C

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Toyota Supra

 Model of the car:Toyota Supra
 General comments:I bought this car in 1990 from some lady down the street. She gave it away for $4000. It was then 6 years old, only had 50k miles. It now has 218,000 miles. Had the head gasket done once a long time ago. It now leaks power stiring fluid out of a hose. Too lazy to fix. Just fill it up when needed. Leaks oil from the rear tranny seal. I check it once a month.
I never realized why this car corners so well and handles so well. The suspension was designed by Lotus. Read that a few years back. Still looks good. I would like to get a new car. The only car, sedan that handles like it is a Maxima SE. I keep looking for a 91 Supra. But all have been beat to death and very
high milage. I might just see if my old Supra will make it to 300k. As long as it keeps passing smog maybe. Dont ever put in alternator other than Toyota. I did once from Kragen or Pep Boys. Went through 6 with lifetime warranties. I could drop them in 10 minutes and install in 20. Got tired and got a Toyota from the dealor. Still working great. At least once a month somebody comes up wanting to buy it. Maybe someday..not now. It just wont die.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:I think it was rated 0-60 at 8 seconds. But it wasn't intended to be a rocket off the line. Above 3000rpm it the engine really comes alive. Factory stereos always sucked in Supras. No place to mount speakers in the doors. Rear hatch had leaks. That was common. Easy fixed with weather stripping. Not worth rebuilding the engine. TOOOO expensive.
 Previous car:None.

Review 1984 Toyota Supra Dave Meuse, From Simi Valley C
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