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1980 Toyota Supra Review, Matt Blomme, From Calgary, Alb

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 Model of the car:Celica/Supra
 General comments:For an old car, it's definately good for a 17 year old like myself, decent power, I raced and beat a 99 accord inline 4, which i must say, impressed me!! Gas is fairly efficient, ride is kind of loud, needs better noise protection, shifter is kind of stiff, i mean it had alot of problems when i bought it but $2000 later it's running like new almost, it's definately a fun car to drive and with a few mods it should be a lot funner lol! I would recommend one as long as it didnt have lots of repairs like mine did, definateyl a worth while car to invest in! I cant wait to get a MKIII supra in the future!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Currently, I'm having a hell of a time installing a stereo!! Lots of weird things wired together with the radio and old tape deck... could be a little lighter to increase power...the rust just started to accumulate around wheel wells, but one can excpect that from a 20 year old car!! I dont like how the trunk is so high up, I will need to make my own box for my subs when i get them in a month... space is definately a factor here
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Review 1980 Toyota Supra Matt Blomme, From Calgary, Alb
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